Air France Flight 447 stewardesses

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The Air France flight 447, which crashed on 1 June, killing all 228 aboard. The complete list of passengers was not yet published. But we know the names of two stewardesses. The head of the cabin crew was Anne Grimout of Ermenonville, France, a 49-year-old who had worked for Air France for nearly 25 years.

The member of the cabin crew was Clara Mar Amado. You can see her picture:

Clara Mar Amado

A 32 year old Malaga woman was working as a stewardess on the Air France flight 447. Clara Mar Amado was born in Malaga to Argentinean parents and had dual nationality, although was registered in Air France records as being Spanish.

There was no immediate information on the other stewardesses.

Rest in peace.

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  1. A truly sad event. Stewardesses are so much more than “trolley dollies”. They’re a dedicated lot; trained to keep us safe in the skies under routine conditions, but especially in emergencies situations. They maintain their cool to give directions and administer first aid when others are distraught and panicking. It is with pride that they wear their flight uniforms – crisp and fashionable – willing to accept that it may be what they wear to their death, in sacrificing their life in the service of others.

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