Looking to become a flight attendant?

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This is a highly competitive industry where you really have to be well-prepared if you want to make it past the first interviews.

The employment rate is expected to grow over the next decade. Competition will continue to be keen because this is an occupation that has always attracted more applicants than there are jobs. The duties of a flight attendant mainly revolve around the safety and the well-being of the passengers. Flight attendants tend to a large number of requests and needs. They must offer the best service possible to each passenger for the entire duration of flights.

Applicants must have great language and communication skills. They must speak clearly and use good grammar. The languages most in demand are: English, French, Italian, Portuguese, German, Arabic, Japanese, Cantonese, Mandarin and Spanish.


Hours and schedules vary greatly and will be determined by the flight assignment. On duty-time is limited to 12 to 14 hours per day. Typically flight attendants must maintain a good personal hygiene, excellent health including a conservative, well groomed, attractive appearance, height in proportion to weight and a good vision.

Applicants must be mature, outgoing, confident, emotionally stable, poised and good conversationalists. Professionalism and interpersonal skills are desired.

Life as a flight attendant

If you consider a career in this industry, you may want to learn more about the lifestyle you can expect as a flight attendant. This way you will avoid wanting to leave right after starting reserve.

Working as a flight attendant is more than just a job. This career will become your life. From the moment you get hired the airline will have control over your entire schedule. You can expect to get called at any point during night or day. Once you’ve moved up in seniority there will be more freedom but reserve can last up to a couple of years. You are likely to move up in seniority only if flight attendants senior to you are leaving the company or if your airline is hiring new flight attendants.

Requirements and qualification for flight attendants vary from one airline to another. Most companies will require high school diploma, at least 21 years of age, at least 2 years of college, and a good knowledge of English. To become a flight attendant you will first go through an intense training for several weeks. This training covers all emergency scenarios, fire fighting, emergency equipment etc. As the airline will provide training, flight attendant school is not required. At the end of the training there is a final exam that each flight attendant will have to take.

Your salary as a flight attendant

Working as a flight attendant is a fun and exciting occupation. Imagine flying to Africa, Australia, Asia, Europe or the Caribbean and getting paid for it. This career offers you a large number of advantages including: the opportunity to make new friends, flexible work schedules, variety and a starting pay of $ 20 per flight hour or more.

Flight Attendant income may vary greatly from one airline to another. Every airline’s hourly base rate is unique. Other determinants that may affect the flight attendant salary include the level of experience, special qualifications etc. A new hire flight attendant can expect to earn somewhere in the $16,000-23,000 range and may eventually earn up to $75,000 per year. Corporate flight attendants can earn over $100,000 per year, the best pay in the industry. Every year in service will bring an increase in salary.

Hotel lodging and meal expenses are paid by the airline. Flight attendants are offered a special per diem for such expenses. Most airlines also offer other allowances and benefits such as free personal air travel, family budget travel allowance, overtime pay, discounts on cruise vacations etc. If you consider working as a flight attendant, make sure you get employed by a well-known and reputed airline with competitive flight attendant salaries.

Your career as a flight attendant

Flight attendants are members of an aircrew, who are primarily responsible to make sure that safety regulations on airplanes are followed. It is also their responsibility to make sure passengers are comfortable and enjoying the journey.

Flight attendants inform passengers about expected weather conditions, the time it will take to reach their destination and also instruct them what to do in case of emergency, how to tighten the seat-belt, how to use the oxygen mask etc. Other general duties include ensuring that first-aid kits are in working order, all safety requirements are met, making sure there are adequate supplies of blankets, beverages and food, etc.

Median annual flight attendant earnings were $53,780 in 2006. You can expect a much lower starting pay. The pay ranges from about $13.00 to up to $ 50.00 per flight hour. Everyone knows however that hard and sincere work always pays off. Flight attendants looking to earn additional income can always pick up extra flying.

The time spent standing around the airport between flights, sleeping in hotel rooms and commuting to the airport is unpaid labor. You can expect annual pay raises, as the hourly union rate is mostly based on seniority. Make sure you are fully aware of all your airline’s compensation methods.

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