Hooters Air Babes

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Hooters Air stewardess

As we know Hooters Air was a real airline, it was launched in 2002, but was later suspended 2006, due to rising cost.

Look at the photo above, Hooters Air stewardesses dressed up in super hot uniforms.

I hope their Air Hostess wasn’t sacked, maybe the UK Virgin Airlines and Air Asia took them on, as their stewardess are also really beautiful girls.

Top 10: Hot Stewardess Airlines

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Virgin Atlantic stewardesses

Here are 10 airlines with hottest fly antendants.

10. Air France

They could very well follow the French ideal of passion over happiness.

9. Air New Zealand

Durex’s 2005 sex survey finds Kiwis even hornier than Americans.
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“Flight Attendants” by Brian Finke

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Brian Finke traveling the U.S. photographing stylish stewardesses on Delta, JetBlue, Hawaiian, Hooters Air, Southwest, Air France, Qantas and British Airways.

Flight Attendants is the second title in Blueeyes’ new First Look section, showcasing upcoming photography book releases that we believe in.

Published by powerHouse Books/ Filigrane Editions: Hardcover, 10.25″ x 10.25″, 112 pages, 55 color photographs

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