Top 10: Hot Stewardess Airlines

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Virgin Atlantic stewardesses

Here are 10 airlines with hottest fly antendants.

10. Air France

They could very well follow the French ideal of passion over happiness.

9. Air New Zealand

Durex’s 2005 sex survey finds Kiwis even hornier than Americans.

8. All Nippon Airlines

ANA offers a line of anime-faced dolls wearing uniforms from the past and present — maybe they’re intended for the kids, maybe not. Either way, it makes the real stewardesses even hotter.

7. Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific stewardesses are equally adept at covering runways on a plane and onstage.

6. Gulf Air

Gulf Air offers its Sky Nanny service on select flights, giving you a great excuse to interact with the beauties.

5. Hooters Air

In the event of a water landing, they had their own flotation devices.

4. Qantas

The airline’s requirements of an “excellent level of health and fitness” and “natural, genuine, engaging, and confident personalities” ensure your continued presence in their seats.

3. Southwest

Genuinely great attitudes to go along with their looks.

2. Thai Airways International

The Thai Airways International requires its stewardesses to be single, Thai nationals. They are also required to be at least 5’2” with proportional weight. It’s worth the effort to fly Thai.

1. Virgin Atlantic

Virgin’s red skirts are tailored to show off figures rather well; certainly better than most uniforms we’ve seen. Most flights on Virgin are long. What makes them especially hot: Combine the name Virgin with hot women… your imagination will take care of the rest.

2 thoughts on “Top 10: Hot Stewardess Airlines

  1. It doesn’t matter how good the stewardesses look ya know why ? BECAUSE Quantas only flys to Australia Ray ! That means in order to get to Los Angeles you have to go to Sydney firds and then take another flight back to Los Angeles.
    Yes yes Raymond the stewardesses are very nice, very sparkly …

  2. Southwest Airlines third? Come on! Their uniform sucks. It’s not a sexy uniform at all. In an effort to be political correct, they wear a very “casual” uniform. The only thing less sexy is if they were wearing f****** overalls. The uniform is half the sexiness of a stewardess.

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