21 thoughts on “Chinese stewardesses

  1. Where is the video with Telnear stuart Bahama’s Air Stewardess. It was posted but I cannot find it anymore.

  2. Funny ting was I saw da girl in da Ports on Sunday with one of St. George’s old deputy head boy. I actually looked up to the nigga. We need a Look at Me Now Booklet, wonder if some of dese niggas would show up wit da trash dey pick up. I said dese niggas could let ya down. Niggas is be seen wit daughters and dont know der history. I was tryn to send da link to ma cuz but I can find it no more. Help Admin. You saw how much comments was up on dat 1,243 must be the most viewed in a long time. Ya know da Government cutting da budget for Bahamas Air so its a good ting dey take dat cause she mighta loose her job and ya cant have dat during recession lol. I sure that was the girl who was on the video in the Ports dis weekend could be mistaken but I am almost 100% sure. Anyting at Candies dred.

  3. I know her dred. She is go with this handsome guy who graduate from COB. Oh my goodness. I am embarrassed for her. I got the forward a week ago with the link. I couldn’t believe that dred boy come to Mama, cause she aint ready lmao.

  4. LMAO I see dis broad in da Ports last week. She was wit a brethren from my work dred. I hope dat ain nigga girl mtf. Cause he cool ya see. Ship Yard Wanderers is carry on bad.

  5. It aint up no more man and I wanted my bf to see this to make sure he never look her way:( I forwarded it to everyone I know thou, BIATCHES NEED TO BE EXPOSED. Jokes (I dont know da daughter but ya NASTY so das what ya get).

  6. man i aint get it either i work shipyard but i hope it aint his girl for true . man could someone send it to me it super ultra dread.

  7. Dat video off da chainz. Nassau gals don’t give a f***. I is a nigga who see it all but dat was some down ass naasty f***. Who she is thou. I gat to look for her when I fly The National Carrier.

  8. WAP WAP WAP ma men cold aye block his face and gat shorty face all over da cam.

    These Chinese Girls off da walls but yall need to put the Bahamas Air Stewardess back up.

  9. I am almost certain that is not her boyfriend. If I am not mistaken I saw her at Burma Oil Xmas party a few years back with a guy one of their employees. They probably break up and she break out.


  11. just returned from china and these air china and china southern flight attendants were beautiful, one and all as were so many of the population of NANNING. Who knew China was a hot spot of beauty.

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