Two buxom stewardesses

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Hello guys! D’you know anything about this airline? Which airline has the buxom stewardesses like these? I can’t identify their uniform.

Two buxom stewardesses

12 thoughts on “Two buxom stewardesses

  1. Wow, these two arn’t hot at all. Just because two ugly chicks stand close and grab a boob (probably boobs with huge pancake nipples), doesn’t make them hot. You get an “E” for effort…lucky I’m even giving out that.

  2. Yo, man! They are really interesting chicks! especially right-hand babe. look around in your neighborhood. dyou see ugly women now? ))

  3. The one on the left looks like she could be pretty hot…just a bad shot of her face.

    …and yes, I would do the one on the right, especially on a plane.

  4. very hot legs. i would, given a half a chance and so would everybody who has made a comment on this photo. skirt is skirt, the face does not matter in the dark. ugly my arse! they both look beautiful to me.

  5. the one on the left is me and my friends name is sasha give me a call or message if you think im cute 0432 532 446

  6. both flight attendants are so very beautiful and their definitely very gorgeous as well and i wish i was married to either one of them sweeties right now but they sure do have very sexy leggs plus they are certainly cute as well honey and i would certainly take care of my gorgeous woman when she got back cause i would spoil and pamper her as well as serve her a sexy breakfast in bed. i would definitely marry a flight attendant if i could find some beautiful sexy single ladies that wer available, so if their are any sexy single flight attendants out their plz contact me on my website giving above my beautiful princesses!!!!!

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