Ryanair stewardess uncovered as XXX star

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Hot pornstar Edita Schindlerova

The UK’s newspaper The Sun reported that a Ryanair stewardess is secretly a xxx movie star! Meet Edita Schindlerova, 22, secretly appears on X-rated websites posing as Edita Bente.

Edita posed for Ryanair’s 2009 calendar wearing silver high heels and a hot purple bikini.

Edita Schindlerova

Ryanair spokesman says: “What people do before or after they work for us is their business.”

Edita Schindlerova

Edita Schindlerova said: “I had this s*** a year ago with a pilot with nothing better to do than check the internet.”

A work pal said: “There can’t be many airlines who have porn stars serving drinks on flights.”

Ryanair babe

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